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"The End of Oil - First energy system transformation study for Ecuador"

oekom-verlag 07.07.2017 (Dresden-München); ISBN: 978-3-96006-030-7

In terms of free knowledge and independent science, images and data from my study are free under the Creative Common License: CC-BY-NC-SA 4.0

The aim of this online platform is to make the results and images of my work available to private individuals, NGOs, independent scientists and educational institutions. Please note the source for your own safety and fairness. Your produced content must also remain freely accessible.


Latest Updates:

Finally! The english paper has been finished completely with the latest findings. -> Download

Review of Spectrum of Science (online) 2018 -> Download

Article in the last "Political Ecology" - Asia" with the title: " Sonne und Wind statt Öl aus dem Regenwald" erschienen. ->Download

First scientific paper in Spanish in the annual magazine "Energía" Jan. 2018, Ecuador. -> Download


Chapter III is currently being completely revised with the latest results and will be available for download as a PDF in mid-March...

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